What to do before yoga

According to Yoga Center india , yoga follow is AN ancient methodology of india , that will increase physical and psychological state. By doing straightforward yoga often and within the right method, one gets healthy body and delightful mind. so as to remain work and healthy today yoga is being wiped out health clubs, faculties and hospitals, however before doing yoga, it’s important to grasp its rules.

before yoga

throughout yoga teacher training in Goa coaching, if you are doing not use precautions whereas doing yoga, you’ll have disadvantages rather than having edges of yoga. these days we have a tendency to ar reaching to tell you regarding some such rules, from that you’ll take full advantage of yoga. therefore let’s recognize some vital rules regarding yoga.

Yoga Center India has given some rules of Yoga (Rules of Yoga)

Prepare the body before yoga

Just as it’s necessary to heat up before exercise, equally it’s vital to heat up before doing yoga. Therefore, before doing Yogasan, do lightweight exercise to heat up the body. this can open your body and become versatile. If you would like, you’ll additionally do delicate postures for this.

Do not do yoga immediately after meals

In yoga teacher traning, you ought to ne’er do yoga straightaway once meals, whether or not within the morning or evening. continually do yoga around three hours once ingestion. aside from this, within the morning you’ll conjointly do yoga on Associate in Nursing empty abdomen. Vajrasana is that the solely yoga which will be done once meals

yoga asana

Do not begin with yoga troublesome

When starting yogaasana, opt for delicate asanas. despite what quantity observe you have got, however yoga shouldn’t be started with any troublesome posture. If you begin doing arduous yoga while not getting ready the body, then there’s a concern of obtaining hurt.

Perfect time to try to to yoga

Yoga center India are often done at any time before the sun rises and once the sun sets, however don’t do yoga throughout the day. Doing yoga within the morning offers a lot of edges. however albeit you’re unable to try to to yoga within the morning for a few reason, you’ll do [*fr1] associate degree hour before consumption food within the evening or in the dead of night. lookout that your abdomen isn’t full. Therefore, do yoga for 3-4 hours once meals and one hour once taking a lightweight breakfast.

Do not drink cold water throughout yoga

Drinking cold water within the middle whereas doing yoga are often dangerous for you. throughout yoga ttc Goa, the body becomes heat once physical activity. In such a state of affairs, drinking cold water will cause colds, phlegm and hypersensitivity reaction. thus drink traditional water solely throughout and once yoga.

don not drink water throughout yoga

Do not do yoga in illness

If you’ve got any major problem, additional pain in joints, waist, knees, then consult a doctor to try and do 200 hours teacher training in Goa with the exception of this, one shouldn’t move to the toilet whereas doing yoga, rather water ought to initiate of your body through sweat.

Do not create yoga incorrectly

Do the yoga as tutored by the yoga ttc in goa . Wrong posture will cause back pain, knee discomfort or muscle strain. with the exception of this, if you’ve got issues together with your back, knees or muscles, then consult the trainer before doing yoga.

Do not take a shower straight off when yoga

Do not take a shower straight off when playing Yogasan however take a shower when a while. as a result of the body becomes heat when any exercise or different physical activity, and if you’re taking a shower utterly, there could also be issues like colds, colds, body pain. thus take a shower when one hour of doing yoga.

before yoga

Focus throughout yoga

Turn off your movable whereas doing yoga. as a result of whereas doing this, your attention shouldn’t go around. with the exception of this, don’t produce an environment of laughter and fun, it’s going to cause you a wrong step in yoga.

Take recommendation from specialists for yoga

Often folks begin reading TV or a book to try and do yoga, however yoga should be through with the recommendation of Associate in Nursing skilled. with the exception of this, if you’re doing yoga teacher training to urge eliminate any sickness, then conjointly don’t forget to consult the skilled.