What is The Dhanurasana Yoga

According to Yoga Center India the body is visible sort of a “bow” form once doing Dhanurasana, therefore this posture is termed Dhanurasana. This posture is incredibly useful for the waist and medulla spinalis. Dhanurasana provides exercise to any or all the body nerves from neck to back and lower back.

this can be simply worn out any yoga teacher training in Rishikesh If you would like to urge the most good thing about this posture, then 1st of all, Snake Pose, followed by Shalbhasan (Locust Pose), and eventually The Bow cause. should do. several yogi-sages additionally decision these 3 asanas “Yogasanatrayayi”.

Dhanurasana  yoga

This posture not solely provides strength to the nerves of the body, however additionally helps in removing advanced diseases associated with the abdomen. whether or not to manage weight or form the body, Dhanurasana may be a terribly virtuous posture.and yoga center India provide the best pose in Dhanurasana

How To Do Dhanurasana

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    1. 1st of all, opt for a clean rest and a flat place, at that time sit on a mat. (Note – Any posture is a lot of helpful than doing outside posture.).
    2. To start out Dhanurasana, 1st of all lie on the mat. Then apply your chin (Chin) to the bottom. place each your hands within the direction of the feet and keep them on the bottom close to the waist. The palms of your 2 hands (Palms) ought to be bent towards the sky.

3. Currently forward, raise each legs up by kneading each your knees. once each the feet of your feet return to each the hips, then hold your ankles with each hands.
4. Keep in mind that whereas holding the ankles of the feet, the hands ought to be straight with each elbows.


currently slowly take a deep breath within the body and pull each your legs backwards. And along side that, try and raise each thighs and hips on top of the bottom. (Note- inhale even whereas raising the hips).200 hours teacher training Goa and Rishikesh is best yoga.
5. Once you area unit raising each thighs and hips on top of the bottom, along side that keep your chest and neck conjointly on top of the bottom.
6. Once the chest is totally up, then try and move your elated neck the maximum amount as doable. (Do not attempt an excessive amount of once you begin obtaining pain within the neck).

7. Try and keep during this posture for as long as doable (ten to twenty seconds). After that, bring the hips and thighs slowly towards the bottom. And conjointly bring the front a part of your body, that is chest and head, to the bottom.

Dhanurasana yoga

8. Currently free the ankles command by each hands and keep the hands within the same position as they were whereas beginning the posture.yoga ttc in goa is also.
9. Slowly straighten each bent knees and place each feet on the ground as before. (Note- once you are becoming free from Dhanurasana posture, that is, bring the top, chest, thighs and hips right down to the bottom, then the respiration is to be discharged outside the body.)

10.In the end, he unbroken taking it for a jiffy. and begin the second set once fatigue is away. And when doing 3 sets, rest in “Shavasan”.

The new person might have issue lifting the hips and thighs when playacting Dhanurasana. until such observe progresses, this attitude ought to be started by lifting the front a part of the body that is chest and neck and keeping the arms straight by holding the ankles of each feet with each hands. so once the observe will increase during this “simple Dhanurasana”, then the observe of lifting the thighs and hips ought to begin.
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Benefits Of Dhanurasana

Yoga Center India has delineated a number of its advantages
This posture makes the reed bone sturdy and versatile. Relieves traditional back pain.
Dhanurasana strengthens the systema digestorium of the body. sophisticated diseases associated with abdomen like acidity, symptom gas, bitter belching and general abdominal pain area unit overcome.

Dhanurasana yoga

Doing Dhurasana provides exercise to all or any the nerves of the whole body. The body becomes agile, the fat / fat accumulated on the body is reduced and fleshiness is reduced.
playing Dhanurasana strengthens the chest, thighs and shoulders.
Dhanurasana is that the final beneficiary to beat issues associated with the cycle of ladies.