What is the kundalini yoga

 What is the kundalini yoga

Kundalini Shakti is the universal power that exists in every universe. This is symbolically expressed through three-and-a-half-coil snakes who are sleeping in the mooladhara chakra, you have full knowledge in the Yoga Center India.

According to yoga teacher training

The Eda and Pingala nadis correspond to the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems located on either side of the spinal cord. It is more accurately described in Rishikesh Teacher Training Pingala flows from the right nostril and is warm in nature. The Tamas prevail in Ida, while the Rajas predominate in Pingala. The presiding deities of Eda are the Moon and the Sun of Pingala.

If you observe your breath carefully, you will find that sometimes the breath moves from the left nostril, sometimes from the right nostril and sometimes from both nostrils, the breath continues. When the nasal pulse remains active, the breath flows through the nasal cavity. At that time one should do simple work. A person should be engaged in the simple actions that can be done with a calm mind.

Yoga is the introduction of the Three Kundalas in the Rishikesh.
The three coils represent the three qualities of nature. These are sattva (precision), rajas (action and lust) and tamas (inertia and darkness). The semi-coil is an indication of the effect (deformation) of these properties.

In Rishikesh Teacher Training you are also told about all types of Kundalin Yoga.
The Kundalini is awakened to the dormant Kundalini through the practice of yoga and it is carried to Sahasrara by piercing the chakras located in the Sushamna.

When the breath moves from the right nostril, the Pingala pulse remains active at that time. At that time one should do difficult tasks like exercise, eating, bathing and hard work. At the same time, one should also sleep. Because in the activity of Pingala, food is digested quickly and sleeps deeply.

Giving detailed information about Swara Yoga Eda and Pingala, there is a deep guidance in the matter of converting vowels, removing diseases, attaining powers like attaining siddhi and predicting. Breathing from both nostrils means that the spinal cord is active at that time. This is the best time for meditation, prayer, chanting, contemplation and doing excellent work.

 Two pulse is given importance in yoga teacher training

1. About pulse

The Nadis are the vessels of the astral body through which the flow of life. They cannot be seen with open eyes. But these can be seen from an internal point of view. Altogether there are seventy thousand nadis, of which Eda, Pingala and Sushumna are the most important.

kundalini yoga in rishikesh

     2. About Sushumna pulse

 Among all the nadis, the superior spinal cord is Starting from the basal plexus, it comes to Sahasrara, situated at the highest position of the head. All the chakras exist in the spinal cord. Eda is called Ganga, Pingala is Yamuna and Sushumna is called Saraswati.

The first union of these two channels is called Muladhar. Therefore, Muladhara is called Muktritiveni (where the two are different) and Triveni (where the two are interlinked) with the command cycle.

 Chakra is also described in Rishikesh Yoga in Khundanili Yoga.
You get full experience about it too

       What is the cycle

Chakra: The spinal cord has a subtle pulse for the flow of life called the backbone. It has many centers. Which is called Chakra or Padam. These chakras or centers are formed when several nadis meet at one place. It is depicted as a lotus with many parties in various forms. These teams are known as a pulse and have their own distinct vibrations which are expressed through a special ligature. You can find more information in this Yoga Teacher Training In Goa .

You can use Kundalini to penetrate the chakras.

Thus each chakra has a spherical figure representing a certain number of parties, a specific color, the presiding deity, the tanmatra (microcosm) and the flutter. When Kundalini penetrates the chakras, Rishikesh teacher training makes you able to use all of these experiences. So there is a communication of power in it, as if a lotus flower has erupted and the secret powers of that cycle are revealed.

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