What is Krama yoga

Krama yoga

You all know that karma is worship. Karma means to act. Performing physical and mental work is called karma. The Yoga Center India tells during the 100 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course that what we do, think or say, it all has an effect that we get as a reward at a certain time and what we get is what we call luck. is. And the same is said during the 200-hour yoga teacher training course that we get are our earlier deeds. And what we get as bad luck is the result of our earlier bad karma. The moment you are in, it is your time to work and there is joy in it only when you work diligently with your will.

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When you work without worrying about the result, without knowing whether it will be in your interest or not, this is what we call Karma Yoga. For this, there is a verse in the Gita that “do not wish for fruit while doing karma”

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There are two types of karma

1- Bad deeds

2- Free work

Bad deeds

Karma done for one’s own benefit is called Sakam Karma. It is selfish

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Nishkam Karma

A selfless act is called Nishkam Karma. The feeling of being selfless takes us far away from our ego. It increases unity by taking everyone together. Nishkam karma makes us independent of our ego. In our India, rain, tree, river, and saint are considered symbols of selfless spirit.

  • Rain benefits everyone equally whether it is nature, human or animal bird, it is the same on everyone.
  • •The tree gives shade to everyone. Even if you hit the stones, they only give you fruits. There is no discrimination with anyone.
  • The river also behaves similarly. She quenches the thirst of thirsts, whether it is a small creature or a giant creature.
  • At the same time, a saint offers his blessings and best wishes to all without any discrimination.
  • Forgiveness, understanding, and support are impeccable actions that liberate us from the cycles of karma.
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According to Yoga Center India, women are better karma yogis on the basis of strength. She represents one of the best examples of Nishkam Karma. It is a full-time job for a housewife with their husband and children. But if she cooks, she wants to feed her husband and child without eating herself. They have no desire for fruits for themselves.


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