How to Learn Yoga

Learn Yoga

To learn yoga, you must first know about what yoga is, and why, if you want to learn, then you have to take care of some basic things first of all, or you can visit the Yoga Center in India , Tells you about 100 hours yoga teacher training and 200 hours yoga teacher training course and also tells you where to start yoga, and how to start yoga

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Choosing your convenient time

Y meditation oga practice is best in the morning. It keeps you full of energy throughout the day. If this does not happen, do not make an excuse to leave it. You can choose a convenient time. It can occur late in the morning, before meals in the day or in the evening. At this time they keep you full of freshness and keep you away from stress.

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Choosing a convenient location

It is always best to choose a small, private room for practice in your home. By practicing for some time there will generate positive energy that will give happiness and strength and comfort to you and your family. If it is not possible, then you can choose a peaceful place in the house which is so big that you can make a mat for yourself. ), Where there is no break in your practice.

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Do yoga exercises empty stomach – wear light and comfortable clothes during practice. Tight clothes are not convenient for practice. It should not be practiced by wearing more decoration and jewelry.

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Wearing simple clothes while practicing yoga – Wear light and comfortable clothes during practice. Tight clothes are not convenient for practice. One should not practice wearing more embellishments and jewelry.

 Before yoga, do some exercise to generate heat in the body– it is necessary to do some exercises that create flexibility in the body before exercise so that there is no tension in the muscles.

Stay firm – Be regular in your practice, make it a part of your daily routine, then it will easily become your habit. A senior Sri Yoga teacher, Shri Krishna Varma says, “Yoga practice of 20 minutes each day is sometimes more positive than 2 hours of practice. Gives results.

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Include different yoga techniques practice different exercises and pranayama. If you have time, do certain exercises every day. After this, do the entire yoga on Sunday completely. Make sure to take yoga sleep with yoga practice

Keep in mind that only yoga postures do not come in yoga practice. Apart from this comes Pranayama, Meditation and Sudarshan Kriya which you learn in the Happiness Program. If you start practicing this with all these things in mind, then you can practice yoga well and can also take advantage of the practice.

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Yoga Center India wants to help students who are practicing it to help with ‘big feelings’ who later want to become this yoga teacher. “I see children just struggling with anxiety and despair.” Don’t really know how to deal.

Our school which is a registered school of the Yoga Alliance and the origin of Yoga teacher training in India (Rishikesh, Goa), teaches that yoga gives time to “relax and concentrate” when depressed. a baby. It teaches him a way to teach strategies to help calm him down. If they’re starting to feel those big feelings

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So he started building a yoga center to help him learn yoga and meditation. The teacher there says, “I have just seen children struggling just not knowing how to deal with anxiety, anxiety, great frustration, and how to really deal with their emotions.” If he is depressed, yoga gives his brain “time to relax and concentrate”. This is a way to teach them strategies that help calm them down if they are starting to feel those big feelings

Yoga is a vast collection of spiritual techniques and practices aimed at integrating the brain, body, and soul with the universe to attain enlightenment or unity. What is commonly thought of in the West as “yoga” is actually hatha yoga, one of the many paths of yoga? Different paths of yoga emphasize different approaches and techniques but ultimately lead to the same goal of integration and enlightenment.